What is the Energy Agency of La Ribera?

The Energy Agency de La Ribera is an autonomous organism of the Consortium of La Ribera, organization formed by the County Council of La Ribera Alta and La Ribera Baixa.
The agency was created under the European program SAVE II-2000.

General goals

To establish in the region a culture of energy saving.
Use of endogenous energy resources.
Use of renewable energies, contributing to the sustainable development of the region.

Which are the activities and services that the Energy Agency of La Ribera offers?

  • Accomplishment of a energy efficiency program of the territory.
  • To raise public awareness, information and spreading of the rational use of the energy.
  • Certification and energy diagnosis in the buildings and industry.
  • Creation of jobs related to energy management.
  • Creation of new educative curricular profiles in relation to energy and environment management.
  • To promote the information and optimal use of renewable energies.
  • Protection of environment, reducing and/or replacing the impact of the use of the traditional energies.
  • To promote the energy technological investigation.
  • To improve the energy security.
  • To advise the local authorities of the territory in energy matter, stimulating the accomplishment of energy projects and the presentation of projects within the framework of programs of the European Union.


Management Council: Formed by representatives of local administrations, professional, agencies of national energy management and regional organizations of consumers, companies or associations and other representatives. The present organization in the Management Council are The Consorci de la Ribera, UPV, Federación de Cooperativas Eléctricas de la Comunidad Valenciana, AVEN, CC.OO, UGT, the TYRIUS association, COAG, the AVACU-CECU association, IDAE, Diputación Provincial de Valencia, Càmara de Comercio, Industria y Navegación, FEDALCIS and IBERDROLA S.A.
President: He has the representation of the agency, direction and control of the activities: Juan Daniel Munuera Castelló.

President Greeting

In the latter times, the need of a energy sustainable use is being more and more urgent. The negative effects on the environment caused by the utilization of conventional energies and the consequences of a progressive energetic waste have provoked finally a response of action. On one hand there arises the research and application of the renewable energies, looking for the implantation of a more ecological and inexhaustible energy resources. On the other hand, we find the technologies applied to the different productive areas and the good practices of the energy use, which try to take advantage in a more rational way of the energetic resources that we arrange. Evidently, this reality is present also between our people, in the Ribera villages.
The Energy Agency of La Ribera arises as public organism to stimulate the accomplishment of these two lines of action in the counties of La Ribera Alta and the Ribera Baixa. 47 riverside municipalities, their town halls, companies, schools and citizens meet benefited every day from this technical, formative and informative entity. By means of the technical and legal advice on the facilities of renewable energies and the methods to obtain energy efficiency close to concrete actions assigned to the promotion and dissemination through the society, one tries to carry out a task that places La Ribera among the European collaborators at the top of the environmental and economic improvement.
From the Agency, we want to invite you to know us and to use our services destined to satisfy the needs related to the application of a sustainable energy use in the Ribera villages.